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Confined Space Rescue
Our dedicated rescue crews are trained to the highest standard and provide assistance with entry into confined spaces as a safety precaution or as a proactive measure.
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Enviromontel have successfully delivered in the region of 10,000 separate EDM related installs and maintenance visits across the UK.
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Flow Monitoring Systems
At Enviromontel we have an effective and efficient approach to developing flow monitoring solutions.
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Specialist Solutions
We have developed industry leading capabilities to provide Specialist Solutions for completing engineering works within high risk environments.
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Enviromontel’s expert teams are experienced in collecting water samples in many different environments including rivers, treatment works, confined spaces and coastal areas.
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CCTV Surveys
Using our specialist teams we can complete CCTV and drainage condition survey to provide our clients with a full visual inspection and conditional report alongside survey data.
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Scott explained the course details very well and I understood and enjoyed the practical. Top man Scott. Good training facilities.

Watertight Management
Mark Matthias, Watertight Management