Emergency Rescue and Recovery with BA – C&G 6150-05Confined Space Training


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Emergency Rescue and Recovery with BA – Level 3 Award – C&G 6150-05


To be eligible for this course learners must be physically fit and must have completed the City & Guild 6150-03 High Risk Confined Space Course.


The course covers all aspects of confined spaces, including low, medium and high-risk environments. Candidates will also be introduced to the equipment used within these areas such as breathing apparatus, face masks, protective clothing and more.


This course delivers the necessary skills, knowledge and practical work for these professionals to act quickly in the event of an accident, use equipment effectively and gives candidates the tools necessary to maintain safety of all people involved within a rescue situation.

Although rescue of someone trapped in a confined space is often of the highest priority, it is important for rescue professionals to be protected in order to ensure they are not also affected by the same hazard that caused the accident in the first place. By attending this course candidates will learn about how to avoid these dangers and safely rescue those within the confined space without posing a risk to themselves.


Initial Course: £530 + VAT per person

Requalification Course: £380 + VAT per person

The initial course C&G 6150-05 Rescue & Recovery Course can be combined with the *C&G 6150-03 High Risk Confined Space Course: £920 + VAT per person

The requalification of the combined course as above*: £760 + VAT per person


Initial Course: 2 days

Requalification Course: 1 day

Initial Combined Course – C&G 6150-03 (High Risk) & C&G 6150-05 (Rescue & Recovery): 5 days


Valid for 3 years


Recommended that the candidates attend a course on the Advanced First Aid Trauma Course.

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Scott explained the course details very well and I understood and enjoyed the practical. Top man Scott. Good training facilities.

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