Monitoring storm overflows in England is fundamental to improving the environment and provides a robust and consistent way of monitoring how often and for how long storm overflows are used.

EDM is driven through the issuing of permits to water companies which make them legally oblige to monitor and report EDM data from their storm overflows and enables the Environment Agency to drive improvement and take enforcement action in cases of poor performance.

Given the many thousands of storm overflows and critical spill points located around the UK, Enviromontel have become experts in deploying high volumes of EDM monitors across the UK, demonstrated by the delivery of two complete EDM programmes for both of the largest UK water companies.

Our expert planning and delivery teams understand the challenges associated with working in both rural and urban environment and have gained a vast amount of experience in liaising with the many third party stakeholders needed to physically access the site. In the last 5 years, Enviromontel have successfully delivered in the region of 10,000 separate EDM related installs and maintenance visits across the UK.

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