Confined Space Rescue

Our dedicated crews are trained to the highest standard in confined space rescue and safety. With a supervisor on site at all times, a confined space rescue crew consists of three crew members, which is a minimum requirement for every high risk confined space.

At Enviromontel we can also provide extra crews of fully trained staff to suit larger, more complex sites. We tailor each safety crew to the specific requirements of each individual confined space. Whether your job requires a larger crew size or a number of crews, we can advise you and provide you with the best solution. Every crew comprises of a team leader who acts as “top man”, and two entry men that if the need should arise for a confined space rescue, will enter to undertake the rescue.

Our rescue crews can also offer assistance with entry into confined spaces as a safety precaution or as a proactive measure. The knowledge that a rescue team is on hand, should anything ever go wrong, can give piece of mind to both the working parties and the organisers of any project.

Our experienced team and managers have the technical expertise and supervision skills to enable safe working practices and also provide both entry and non-entry support solutions. We can advise and recommend best practices and safe system of works, rescue plans and risk assessments in regard to confined space entry.

How can we help you?

For further information, please call 01905 425 568 or use the link below for more details.

Scott explained the course details very well and I understood and enjoyed the practical. Top man Scott. Good training facilities.

Watertight Management
Mark Matthias, Watertight Management