CCTV Surveys


The UK’s wastewater infrastructure is an important part of modern life which often goes overlooked as the majority of the system is underground and therefore “out of sight and out of mind”…. Think back to tales of the Victorian era before which, waste would simply run down the street.

New or existing full system surveys, known defect monitoring, infiltration studies, “Build over” surveys, voids, chambers, culverts, and ducts are therefore just some of a number of hidden assets that a survey can provide vital information to enable appropriate action to be taken if defects are identified and to therefore potentially help to avoid future system failures.

Our mission is clear, to provide visual inspection CCTV condition surveys within the client’s wastewater infrastructure, utilizing the latest in Wincan reporting software and industry renowned Pearpoint CCTV camera system solutions. For larger sewers, man entry “walkthrough” visual inspection surveys allow detailed “up close” investigations and evaluation of sewers, chambers , galleries, and other such infrastructure too large for robotic systems.

All works are evaluated on a site-by-site basis, and as a complete package we are able to provide our own in-house City & Guilds standard rescue teams and / or traffic management solutions depending on the client’s requirement.

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