Blockage Alarms

PROJECT Blockage Alarms
DATE Autumn 2013
CLIENT Local Water Authority


In 2013 Enviromontel Special Projects were approached by a major water authority to assist in the development and deployment of a new early warning system to detect sewer blockages. The initial stage of the project called upon Enviromontel’s expertise in monitoring sewage flows and to provide advice on techniques and equipment types that might be adopted or adapted for use within an alarm early warning system.

A number of pre-surveys at identified sites were then conducted to ensure that the technology and methodology advised was as suitable to our clients needs as possible. Once the prototype alarm system had been manufactured, the Special Projects division was then tasked to install the early warning alarms systems at both private and commercial customer properties across a large geographical area.

The team was not only trusted with installing of the sewer monitors, but also handled customer liaison and the fitting of their alarm early warning systems.

Because of the sensitive nature of the project, the client and their customers required absolute peace of mind that all equipment would be installed to the highest of standards. It was therefore essential that our teams were able to explain simply to each customer how the alarms would work. This was achieved by liasing closely with the client project manager, and by adjusting and expanding our own customer facing skills to meet the specific needs of the project.

The pilot was sucessful in meeting the water authorities objectives as set out for Enviromontel. Results of the scheme are still being processed.



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