Enviromontel wins Thames Water AMP7 EDM Flow Monitoring Framework.

Thames Water have selected Enviromontel to deliver their AMP7 EDM flow monitoring contract.

Enviromontel have worked with Thames Water during years 4 and 5 of AMP6 and the beginning part of AMP7 to deliver their EDM programme of works. In doing so Enviromontel have developed their own bespoke solution to meet the requirements of MCERTS and have successfully completed circa 160 UMON3 & UMON4 site since April 2020.

Jon Edwards (Enviromontel Managing Director) commented, “Winning this contract further unpins Enviromontel’s fantastic working relationship with Thames Water whilst also reinforcing Enviromontel’s position within the UK flow monitoring market. As a national provider of flow monitoring services, this further supports Enviromontel’s continued growth plans for the future”.

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