Enviromontel enters the CCTV market

This week Enviromontel completed its first project following the launch of their own in-house CCTV offering which was established to complement Enviromontels other service offerings within the waste water sector. Graeme Blanchard (Enviromontel CCTV project manager commented) “Our mission is clear, to be the best provider of visual inspection and CCTV condition surveys in order to help our clients understand the condition of their assets. Whilst combining our offering with many years of industry experience, Enviromontel will be utilising the latest Wincan reporting software and industry renowned Pearpoint CCTV camera system solutions”.

In additional to CCTV surveys, Enviromontel will also be providing “walk through” visual inspection surveys to allow detailed “up close” investigations and evaluation of sewers, chambers , galleries, and other such infrastructure too large for robotic systems. This will be supported by Enviromontel’s own directly employed City & Guilds trained rescue teams.

How can we help you?

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