Shropshire Homes

Shropshire Homes
January 2019
General Survey with Additional CCTV Survey

Enviromontel were requested to provide a rescue team together with CCTV camera and sonar equipment to asssist the Shropshire Homes surveyor during the measuring process of a culvert.

The rescue team provided cover at two location points, during the walk through process. The surveyor and one member of the rescue crew entered the culvert to take measurements and pictures of the inside in order to assess the o verall capacity. Holes were then drilled by the rescue crew member at certain points as instructed by the surveyor in order to allow Shropshire Homes to verify the thickness of the brickwork surrounding the culvert.

Sonar equipment was the deployed by the rescue team into the culvert to establish the water levels within the deeper parts, and allow our client to gain further vital information with regards to the river bed as well as surveying the condition of the bottom of the culvert, to identify cracks and disfigurations within.

Having the rescue team on hand assisted the client with entering the culvert and allowed the surveying works to be carried out in a safe manner with all the emergency equipment and procedures in place.