Severn Trent AMP 6&7 EDM

Severn Trent AMP 6&7 EDM
2016 - 2021

Since 2016 Enviromontel have been working on behalf of HWM to deliver Severn Trent Water’s EDM programme of works and today have successfully installed 2,930 HWM EDM Depth Monitors and conducted the 5,224 maintenance visits needed to ensure the EDM fleet remained operational and transmitting data. To deliver this contract Enviromontel have built a directly employed back office project management team whose responsibility is to:

  • Programme site resources
  • Conduct pre installation surveys
  • Arrange Severn Trent Operations access
  • Conduct customer letter drops
  • Arrange Traffic Management for works in the highway
  • Arrange private land access
  • Prepare sites for sign off