Moorgate Street

Kier, BAM Nuttall, Crossrail

Enviromontel Special Projects were asked to create a full safety solution for work within the a 150m length of the Goswell Sewer beneath Moorgate, London, providing real-time level alarms upstream from the working party, and to manage emergency procedures at the point of entry.

To understand the flow patterns of the Goswell Sewer a level survey was carried out across the surrounding sewer network. This determined flow patterns, storm event reactions and flow patterns within the system. The data also provided an accurate understanding of flow-travel time from the upstream Combined Sewer Overflow’s to the working site in the event of a storm. This information was used to ensure level alarm locations were allocated across the network to the correct sites.

The locations deemed suitable for level alarm monitoring were assigned to crews to observe. Their sole responsibility was to monitor flow against a pre-determined ‘warning level’, put in place following the level survey results.

At the point of entry a top man was assigned to oversee and log all entries into and out of every manhole within the entire project. Using various methods of communication he was in constant contact with all observation teams and every member of the working party. He was also responsible for the deployment of our Confined Space Rescue team, situated 90m downstream from the entry point. The team were the first line of emergency support, and were on standby at all times during the works.

As with every major project, a Site Supervisor was assigned to maintain high standards of health, safety and project efficiency. He was responsible for taking daily pre-work briefs on safety and staff welfare as well as maintaining communications with our clients throughout the project. Working closely with the top man, he ensured high levels of efficiency and etiquette whilst representing our clients.