Confined Space Inspection of EFW Plant

Babcock & Wilcox Volund
January 2019
Confined Space Inspection of EFW Plant

Enviromontel were required to support BWV with inspections of their confined spaces within the new EFW (energy from waste) recycling power plant being built alongside the M5 in Gloucestershire.

The confined spaces included in the inspection are the boiler on the 34m level requiring a standby rescue team for extraction from the boiler with a horizontal escape, and the water feed tank based on the 22m level requiring rescue from a vertical escape with a winch and tripod, supplied for from Enviromontel also each member of the working team and rescue team were supplied with a gas monitor suitable for the confined space entry.

The rescue team were in attendance during the commissioning inspection phase whilst the welding team were inside the confined spaces doing there final checks of the water feed tank and the boiler, whilst these checks were going ahead the welding team also had to fit 4 metal filtering sheets inside of the boiler which required Enviromontel to use forced ventilation to allow cool air to flow through the boiler to assist the welding team from overheating.