Thames Water
To meet the requirements of MCERTS

Enviromontel were engaged by Thames Water to develop a solution to meet the requirements of MCERTS.

The brief was to provide a complete turn-key solution with a focus on:

  • Low-cost total solution
  • Quick and simple deployment across multiple sites
  • Very little enabling works by way of Power, Telemetry and SCADA
  • Easy to access data
  • Must meet the requirements set out my MCERTS

Enviro Monitor Overview

The ENV Monitor EDM Logger is used to monitor the height of flow and log spill to storm.

It is designed to log the water level every 2 minutes and send the data every 6 hours to a MQTT broker and FTP server.

The ENV Monitor uses both battery and solar low power technology to maintain charge and reduce the burden of maintenance.

The water level is measured by a VEGAPULS radar sensor. The sensor is setup to each individual site using Bluetooth on an Android or IOS device or can be programmed via a PC.

The ENV Monitor uses a logger modem with a roaming service provider sim card and external antenna to connect to the best 2G/4G signal within the vicinity.

The system has been designed to measure within an accuracy range of +/- 2mm and is fully compliant with MCERTS.

To date over a 100 units have been installed and reached the MCERT certification.

With each install a bespoke bracket has been manufactured that also meets the specification set out by MCERTS.

Along with the ENV Monitor, a bespoke dashboard has been developed that enables users to view location, depth, plot, duration time, spill height.

  • If an event occurs, then the user can zoom into the timescale to determine exact duration and spill level.
  • Remote adjustments to the logger settings can made over the 2G/4G network.
  • The electrical operational parameters can also be monitored remotely using the ENV Dashboard.